IoT & Wearables

The next revolutionary phase of internet is driven by Internet of Things and the most ubiquitous of all implementations of IoT is wearables. With the exchange of data amongst hitherto 'unconnected' devices, enterprises are turning into 'Networked Enterprises'. Cisco estimates the IoT will consist of 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020.


IoT enables today's highly mobile workforce to react quickly to information. With advanced data analytics, processes can be optimized and informed decisions can be taken. Use of Cloud in this new wave of IT for software-hardware integration, is creating myriad ways in which IoT will power our lives.

Over the years, Ideavate has done extensive work in integrating hardware devices and software while using relevant protocols and computing resources. Our IoT architects have thought through the problems of how to handle and store data and the types of architecture to build to provide complete, real-time knowledge.